Product portfolio


After having produced the requested tubes, we pack them in wooden boxes or on pallets to be safely transported, always paying attention to the worldwide applicable packing regulations for a trouble-free shipment to our customers’ sites.

Packing in wooden boxes and on pallets enables to arrange the products depending on the radius and in layers. The wooden boxes have a screwable front side enabling an easier withdrawal of the products and they have a corresponding packing and withdrawal schedule for an easier handling. The used wooden boxes furthermore comply with the IPPC standards for protection against pests and can be used for transporting the goods by ship. We are pleased to mark the packages according to our customers’ requests. Furthermore, the tubes are labelled and tagged correspondingly .

  • By radius in wooden box
  • In layers in wooden box
  • Wooden box for sea transport
  • Wooden box with screwable front side for an easier withdrawal of the products
  • Wood in accordance with IPPC
  • Packing and withdrawal schedule as an identification on wooden boxes
  • On pallet by radius
  • On pallet in layers
  • In bundles depending on the radius
  • Loose types
  • Labelling and tagging of the tubes
  • Packing identification according to the customer’s request